Wednesday 19 April 2017


One of the secrets of the rich is that they habitually look for ways to increase good debt and eliminate bad debt. Good debt is used to make an investment that appreciates in value and puts cash in your pocket, while bad debt is used to buy a “doodad” that depreciates. Your mortgage is an example of good debt because it helped you purchase a house that will rise in value over the long term. Now, why not consider using the equity you’ve built up in your home to create even more value?
For example, refinancing your mortgage to invest in revenue property can provide a variety of unique wealth building advantages. Read More.

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Construction Industry and Management Jobs Equal Big Business, in a Small World

The construction industry is big in Canada; it represents billions of dollars to the economy and employs thousands of people in multiple sectors. However large it is though, it definitely fits in the “small world” category when it comes to who works where and what kind of projects they’re working on. While there are a multitude of sectors out there, there’s only a few companies specific to each one making it certain that everyone knows everyone. That’s why it’s important to think long-term and keep up good relations with all construction employers past and present. Read More.
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Wednesday 15 March 2017

Harbinger’s Executive VP Talks Youth and Future of Construction Management Positions in Toronto

February 28, 2017 – Toronto, ON –The construction industry is booming and expanding in all major cities across Canada, allowing for new and exciting construction management positions. Although seeing a high-rise go up can be an apt metaphor for growth and prosperity of a nation, the construction recruitment specialists at Harbinger Network believe it is a metaphor for personal growth as well. Harbinger Network has years of experience helping professionals find, keep and prosper in careers within the construction industry. To Read more click here.
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Monday 27 February 2017

Evaluating the Bonus Dilemma

Here’s a scenario we get asked about all the time, and it’s one that many construction professionals will have to ponder at some point in their career. It goes like this: you’ve decided to move on from your current position but your year-end bonus hangs in the balance, do you stay and claim it or do you move on and leave money on the table? The truth is that there is no right or wrong in this situation but there are a few things to consider.
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Wednesday 18 January 2017

Misconceptions About Using a Recruiter to Find Your Ideal Construction Management Positions in Toronto

When professionals come to us looking for construction management positions in Toronto, it’s sometimes with some trepidation. Many of them have never used a recruiting company to find new careers, so it’s understandable that there’d be some misconceptions about what we do and how the process works.
We wanted to briefly clear up some of these ideas.

Common Misconceptions About Using Recruiters to Find Construction Management Positions in TorontoThe applicant does not have to pay fees

This is the one we hear most often: “Do I have to pay for your services?” No, not at all. The companies doing the hiring pay us. As far as you’re concerned, as a construction professional looking for work, we’re providing a free service.
You might even say that you’re helping us as much as we’re helping you. The better the professionals we have on-file seeking work, the better job we can do matching those professionals to the (paying) businesses looking for them!
Using a recruiter does not lower your salary prospects
A lot of people seeking employment don’t understand just how expensive recruitment can be for a company. In fact, the rule of thumb is that they often expect to pay the equivalent of a position’s yearly salary just doing the hiring; and that’s assuming they have sufficient HR staff and resources to do the hiring themselves.
In many cases, we’re a bargain for companies looking to hire. So, using us in no way affects the salary you will earn.
Recruiters are not limited to public job listings
The other misconception we often hear is that a job seeker could do the same employment search for themselves. In reality, a great number of the positions available are never listed through open sources like LinkedIn. A recruiter with a good reputation and network of contacts has access to a large number of jobs that the public never directly hears about.
Besides, we do the work for you.  We can easily match the job seekers in our database to perfect positions, based on knowledge of the working conditions within a particular company.
The Best Choice for Finding Construction Management Positions in Toronto
Harbinger Network is one of the most-respected recruiters of construction management jobs in Ontario, with a vast network of partner companies we work with.
Contact us today to kick-start your next construction career.

Thursday 15 December 2016

Top Recruiter Harbinger Network Inc. Now Looking to Hire Construction Management Jobs in Toronto for 2017

December 7, 2016 – Toronto, ON – Harbinger Network Inc., one of Toronto top recruiting agencies for the construction market, now announces the availability of construction management positions for qualified individuals. These positions are limited, and candidates will be carefully interviewed and evaluated to ensure best-fit matches with potential employers.
Harbinger Network is now recruiting for the following construction management positions in Toronto & the GTA:

Construction Executives

Functioning as general managers, these executives are responsible for overseeing all aspects of construction projects while remaining financially accountable. Experience of 15+ years in construction management is required.

Project Managers

As the company representative in charge of a project, project managers are responsible for time, cost and the overall progress of a project. Project managers are comfortable either in the office or on-site, assisting senior management while controlling projects through budgets, timelines, and progress reports.

Site Superintendents

Site Superintendents are the point person and have overall responsibility for the construction site, relied on by senior management to ensure on-site work is done properly, on time, and on budget.  Site Superintendents can read drawings and have exceptional safety awareness, while being able to anticipate problems and resolve issues.


The skills and experience of estimators to assess the costs, overruns, and difficulties that may be encountered with a project are the basis for decision-making at the highest levels.  Strong cost analysis skills and excellent communications skills are necessary for effective work.  Gold Seal, CEC, and\or PQS qualifications are highly preferred.
Qualified individuals interested in these positions should contact Harbinger directly at 1-905-257-9691 or

About Harbinger Network Inc.

Specializing specifically in the construction industry, Harbinger is known throughout Canada as one of the top options for construction management recruiting services.  Their personalized approach to HR matches skills as well as personality and disposition when considering job placements, seeking to find perfect fits for each company and each hire.  More than 80% of those who come to Harbinger to find work successfully move into new careers within their chosen area of expertise.
For more information about Harbinger, visit or call 1-905-257-9691.

The Strategic Hire: First Look Within Then Partner with a Construction Recruitment Specialist for Construction Jobs in Toronto

When I’m talking to a potential new client looking to do a strategic hire, one of the first questions I ask is; “Did you already tap into your own network?” Most savvy construction professionals can do a quick mental checklist of the people they already know to determine whether someone is a potential fit for the position they are trying to fill. Your knowledge of the business and the person you’re considering will often make that choice clear. But what do you do when you’ve looked inward at your network and the right match just isn’t there? That’s where partnering with a trusted employment advisor can pay big dividends.

Finding the Right Match forConstruction Jobs in Toronto and Canada

For first-time employment agency user, James Wilkinson, Vice President of Construction at Podium Developments, that’s exactly how the conversation went. “Tony’s question to me was whether I had already looked towards my own network,” recalled Wilkinson whose company is firmly rooted in the student housing market. “It was important to me that the right match for the job had to fit in to our well-established, dynamic culture and I realized that I had to look toward a broader network of construction professionals.”
If you don’t already know the right person or don’t have the capacity to do a search (or both as was the case with Podium) a specialist construction recruitment agency like Harbinger Network can act as an enhancement to limited network. Our relationship with professionals across the Canadian and Toronto construction market made it possible to send a diverse group of solid candidates to James. At the same time, meetings with Podium convinced me they were a stable organization with plenty of interesting jobs and opportunities that would be a great fit for the right professional. Because in the end, the key to success for any reputable employment advisor is to make connections that work for both parties.

Harbinger Network Can Help withToronto Construction Recruitment

“Harbinger Network acted like an external HR department and only sent qualified, personable candidates. I have to admit I was a little skeptical about using an agency for my first time but I would use these guys again for a key hire in a heartbeat,” said Wilkinson. Operating in multiple markets throughout Ontario, the rest of Canada and potential international markets, Podium’s needs were specific and complex requiring the outside expertise of Harbinger Network. “Harbinger sent solid, diverse candidates allowing us to hire someone we truly believe fit our needs and culture.”
Regardless of the size of your company or the amount of people you know in the industry, your first move in a strategic hire is to look within. If that initial search doesn’t yield the results you want, consider strategic partnership with a recruitment agency that understands your needs and knows the market  enough to present you with quality candidates. While “partnership” may be just another marketing buzzword to some, in this case, the notion of combining knowledge, abilities and network towards a mutual goal is the very definition.